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New York, NY — Jen Chapin’s Reckoning has landed on a couple end of year best lists.

The album is no. 20 on Chris Griffy’s, Examiner’s Best Americana albums:

“Jen Chapin inherited the very best of her father Harry’s talents but has not been content to rest on his legend, instead writing a new chapter to the urban folk book her dad began with her own jazz-tinged offering “Reckoning.” From the album’s standout track “Don’t Talk” to the socially conscious “Feed Your Baby”, every track on “Reckoning” is poetry.”

Jen’s song, “Go Away” also landed on Pete Chianca, Wicked Local’s “23 stellar songs from 2013” list. Pete writes that “Jen Chapin, Kacey Musgraves and Sammy Witness were among a slew of strong female voices from 2013.”

““Go Away” from “Reckoning,” Jen Chapin. Jen is far funkier than her father Harry ever was, and this spare, sly track packs the same punch whether you decide she’s talking about a neglectful lover or a needy child. Or possibly both.” Peter Chianca, Wicked Local

Please also click here to read Pollstar’s in-depth, wonderful interview with Jen about her Reckoning, life, music, activism and lifelong involvement with Whyhunger. 


Photo of Jen Chapin: Nathan Leatherman (2013)