The Sideshow Tragedy LIVE! (from their CD Release Show in Austin, TX) Photo: Eric Pawlak

The Sideshow Tragedy
Photo: Eric Pawlak

“Powerful…Best album of the year? One of the top handful, no question.” Delarue, New York Music Daily raves about The Sideshow Tragedy’s new album ‘Capital’ – read full review below…

New York Music Daily

The last time this blog caught up with the Sideshow Tragedy, it was a couple of years ago late on a Friday night in the red neon backroom at Zirzamin, and the Austin noir blues band was killing it. Really killing it. Guitarist Nathan Singleton was airing out his bottomless bag of jagged minor-key licks, drummer Jeremy Harrell had a murderous stomp going and there were some special guests, if memory serves right – it had been a crazy night up to that point. Fast forward to 2015: Zirzamin is sadly gone, but the Austin band has a new album, Capital, streaming at Continental Record Services‘ site, and a similar small-room, Friday night show, in this case at the Rockwood on May 22 at 11 PM. This usually sedate space is in for a serious jolt of adrenaline, tempered slightly by the fact that the new album is…

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