more incredible ink for The Sideshow Tragedy. LIVE! and those photos rock!


It was easy to see the uncomfortable heat wave make its way through the Belmont crowd Monday evening.  Audience members began removing articles of clothing to match the rising temperature of the room. The Sideshow Tragedy intensified their onslaught with a thunderous downshift fueled by Jack Daniels and gasoline. Guitarist and Vocalist Nathan Singleton showed no remorse for the climate change and continued his furious attack. His right heel might as well have been the second floor tom as he stomped the downbeat with each strum of his vintage Resonator. Drummer Jeremy Harrell led the ground attack laying a foundation of precision and untamed ferocity.  Again, this was a Monday night! Free Week delivers once more.

The power blues duo released the follow-up to their defining sophomore album, “Persona,” mid last year. The album,“Capitol,” did not disappoint.  The sliding Resonator guitar sounds cut through on tape…

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