Rave from Rocking Magpie (UK) for Jeremy Nail’s “My Mountain” produced by the “fabulous” Alejandro Escovedo. Please read full review here!

jeremy nail cd

Jeremy Nail
My Mountain

Classy Singer-songwriter transcends what we know as Americana.

Hailing from Albany, Texas Jeremy Nail trod the well worn path to Nashville some ten years ago; playing in an assortment of bands and bars; eventually releasing his first album in 2008 to some critical acclaim; but few sales.
His apprenticeship continued until he joined the legendary Alejandro Escovedo’s band in 2013. Later that year a world tour was being booked and life looked great; until Nail was diagnosed with Sarcoma (a rare soft-tissue cancer in his leg) which eventually meant the offending limb had to be amputated.
How the Hell does a young man cope with such a devastating thing? Well; if you are a singer-songwriter; you write songs; and that’s what Jeremy Nail did as therapy.
The end result is this fabulous Alejandro Escovedo produced record.
Even if you didn’t know Nail’s back-story; you would…

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