About QuigleyMedia

Bernadette Quigley’s love for a wide variety of music has led to not only co-producing Don Rosler’s acclaimed concept CD, Rosler’s Recording Booth (nominated by the Independent Music Awards for Best Concept Album of 2011), but also the launching of QuigleyMedia, a boutique music publicity firm for a select group of stellar independent music artists and songwriters. Quigley is also a professional actress and avid garden designer and gardener.

Quigley’s clients include or have included:

Big Lazy, Hugh Christopher Brown, Jen Chapin, Amy Correia, Church of Betty, David Corley, Amanda Homi, Don DiLego, Suzanne Jarvie, Johnny Society, Life in a Blender, Jeremy Nail, Piñataland, Martha Redbone, Don Rosler, Spottiswoode & His Enemies, The Sideshow Tragedy, Tam Lin and Noam Weinstein. Bernadette has also worked promotion for specific concerts for double and triple bills of Stew and The Negro Problem, Eszter Balint and Church of Betty at the Living Room and for the folk icons Buffy Sainte-Marie and the late great Pete Seeger and his sister Peggy  at 8th Step in Schenectady, NY.

Quigley’s efforts have landed her clients reviews and features in such national and local newspapers and magazines as:
The New Yorker
The New York Times
Boston Globe
Time Out New York
Village Voice
Los Angeles Times
American Songwriter
Elmore Magazine
The Daily News
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Journal Courier (Lafayette, Indiana)
Nuvo (Indiana)
All Music Guide
Popheaven (The Netherlands)
Cleveland Plain Dealer
NJ Star Ledger
Hi-Fi News & Record Review, UK
Baltimore Magazine
Wicked Local
Syracuse Post Standard
Edge Magazine
Oklahoma Gazette
USA Today
Smokey Mountain News
Toronto Star
Samaritan Magazine

Texas Music Magazine

Austin Chronicle

Radio coverage features:
All Things Considered (with Robert Siegel)
WNYC’s Soundcheck (hosted by John Schaefer)
WNYC (Jonathan Schwartz show)
Radio Woodstock
Sirius XM’s Bob Edwards Show
Sirius XM’s Folk Village and The Spectrum with Mary Sue Twohy
CBC (CA) Mary Ito’s Show
CBC (CA) Big City, Small World
Sirius Satellite Eric Alper’s show (Canada)
Sirius XM Ward and Al Show (Canada)
Iowa Public Radio



blabber n’ smoke
Lucid Culture
Robert Christgau’s MSN
Aiding and Abetting
Roots Music Report
Inside World Music
Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
Angelica Music
Americana UK
Here Comes The Flood
Independent Clauses
Jersey Beat
Culture Catch
Huffington Post
Twang Nation
Our Stage
The Daily Vault
Music News Nashville
Hearth Music
No Depression
Engine 145
Sonic Scoop
Jazz Weekly
Brooklyn Rail, among many others….

For more information, please contact Bernadette via email: quigdette@yahoo.com

If you’re so inclined, follow on twitter

1 thought on “About QuigleyMedia”

  1. revlmftblog1 said:

    Wow. Thank you for following my blog. Your tastes in music are incredible! I like the Jen Chapin video and the Joan Osborne tweet. (I’m a big Joan Osborne fan. She showed a real sense of class working with the Funk Brothers.) Clearly, you are hang out with the right people! I look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for reading mine and for supporting the legacy of Harry Chapin…

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