David Corley

Nothing but International Raves for DAVID CORLEY’s Debut Album Available Light Produced by HUGH CHRISTOPHER BROWN

“Dog Tales” Honored with Eclectic Song Nomination by the 2015 Independent Music Awards

Available Light Cover


Popdose premieres Corley’s title track!

Read/listen to exclusive song premiere here

PopMatters Premieres David Corley’s first official video, “Easy Mistake”

“Corley sounds like the kind of guy who’s been in the studio for decades, a consummate natural. Comparisons to songwriting greats like Tom Waits and Lou Reed aren’t far off. Tunes like Available Lights’ “Easy Mistake”, the video of which you can watch exclusively below, evoke the image of a weary songwriter looking back on all of his years in the world. His presence is a natural and authentic one, as any one of his songs evinces.” Brice Ezell/PopMatters

Please read this excellent interview on No Depression here.

Available Light has received nothing but international raves, comparing Corley’s vocals, music and lyrics to Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Joseph Arthur, Tony Joe White, and Warren Zevon, among others. The album also landed on numerous Best Music of 2015 lists including the Euro-Americana Chart Reporters, Paul Kerr’s Blabber n’ Smoke (UK), Lonesome Highway (Ireland), The Machine (Greece), Joost Festen (Nederlands), Celtic Music Radio Host Mike Ritchie (Scotland), American Roots UK and Available Light was voted No. 1 on the Rollercoaster Albums of 2015 list (voted on by staff and customers of Rollercoaster Records shop in Kilkenny, Ireland)!

9 out of 10 stars! “a striking new voice…raise a glass to Available Light” Allan Jones, Uncut Magazine (UK)

“a stone cold cracker, an instant classic…Married to the cool crisp funk of the title song or the hazy shimmering guitars of the seven and a half minute closer the words flow as easily as the music creating an atmosphere that is nothing less than magical. Definitely an early contender for an album of the year.” Paul Kerr, Blabber ‘N’ Smoke

“..peerless songwriting, great arrangements and playing, a variety of tempos all driven by David’s hugely atmospheric, raw but melodic vocals. Anyone who has a liking for roots music needs a copy of this great album in their collection. Methinks another contender for album of the year, perhaps even an early favorite!” Mike Morrison American Roots UK

“This is big boy music, serious and striking from the excellent album Available Light. It’s an unhurried gem of a record, slow and meaningful, plaintiff, beautifully performed. Real music, not manufactured or pulled off a production line shelf.” Mike Ritchie, Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow, Scotland

“absolutely cracking album…absolutely super..had me entranced all week” Martyn Bonanza, Bonanza & Son, Resonance FM (UK)

“David Corley has a rough baritone voice, one that makes you think of heartbreak, cigarettes and the low purr of a mountain lion.” Wei Huan-Chen, Journal Courier

“Like Dylan and Waits before him, David Corley is a lyric poet inhabiting the grizzled, remarkably expressive voice of a blue-collar Everyman…Available Light is a remarkable achievement, an album aglow with a ragged beauty that’s simply magnificent to behold.” Jason Warburg, The Daily Vault

TOP 40 Rock and Pop Albums of 2014: “Like Joseph Lemay, Corley’s album is part artistic statement part lifeline. Light is the soundtrack of a dark, starry night in an empty smoke-filled bar. It’s a cocktail of 100 proof Americana, country, blues and folk; a stunning storytelling triumph along the lines of Tom Waits and Lou Reed’s ‘Dirty Boulevard’.” Keith Creighton, Popdose

“After hearing David Corley’s debut album Available Light, one could say the Lafayette native arrived out of nowhere at age 53, akin to hitting a homer in his first at-bat. But the album is a product of a 30-year cross-country odyssey of self-exploration, one of those rare moments where a lifetime of experience comes to bear in a single album you have to hear. It is that experience which shines through, particularly in his gritty, road-worn voice, which he uses to bring the movie of his life into vivid technicolor.” Jonathan Sanders, NUVO (Indy’s Alternative Voice)

“At one point later this year, if the stars align and enough people listen to David Corley’s debut album Available Light like they should, someone somewhere will refer to the Lafayette, Indiana native as an overnight success…Available Light isn’t an album that grows on you. It hits you immediately and then just gets better from there. And it all starts with a voice that makes you wonder how it has avoided us for all these years.” Thomas Gerbasi, Examiner.com

“brilliant debut album… Corley’s deep, breathy vocals flow with emotion and soul, though, exposing beauty within that scruffy exterior. Sometimes, his words are dark and heartbreaking, but even his scarred heart still beats, giving hope.” Lisa Knight, No Depression

“Corley creates a smoking hypothermic kind of somber roots rock sound, reminiscent of Chip Taylor and/or Tony Joe White…” Pieter Wijnstekers, Heaven Magazine, The Netherlands

“Before saying it’s far too late to shoot for your dreams, you ought to listen to Americana artist David Corley’s debut album, “Available Light.” This collection of ten tracks by Corley, produced by Hugh Christopher Brown, is a dynamic introduction to this 53-year-old Indianan singer/songwriter…. Corley’s raw phrasing is a bulldog that won’t let go, creating a blues rock experience that’s felt in the bones.” Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville

“It is not possible to classify these songs in any neat or orderly way…This ability to switch easily from folk to rock, and everywhere in between, shows that David is not a one-trick pony. Somewhere in the middle of this spectrum is “Dog Tales,” which is the standout track from Available Light. The intro and the music are beautiful, but it is his vocal delivery that sells this song. His emotional howls are a marvelous contrast with the sexy sighs of Fenner and McDermott. Though Available Light might not sound like the blues as you have come to expect it, David Corley certainly captures the spirit of the genre, and there is no denying that this is a mature album that is very well crafted. If you are willing to step outside the land of more conventional blues and venture into the realm of roots and Americana, this disc will be a great addition to your collection.” Rex Bartholomew, Blues Blast Magazine

“If there’s an album that’s a bigger surprise this year than David Corley’s “Available Light,” I haven’t heard it. At the ripe old age of 53, Corley has released a debut disc of ragged, atmospheric blues-rock that he most likely didn’t have in him when he was a younger man. We reap the benefits of Corley’s experience, and of the desperation apparent in his worn-through vocals….But there’s an underlying sense of hopeful resignation that comes through his weary croak and easygoing Americana piano and guitar, not to mention lyrics that have at times an almost Leonard Cohen-esque zen to them.” Pete Chianca, Wicked Local

“Corley is a storyteller and an antidote to too-smooth, too-produced folk rock and pop country. There’s nothing fluffy about Available Light, and that’s as it should be.” Dw Dunphy, Popdose

“a beautiful brilliant record” Radio Host Noel Casey, After Midnight, Dublin City

“Produced by Hugh Christopher Brown Corley sings about rural Indiana, staring at the night sky and making ends meet. His hoarse baritone voice fits the rootsy blues music like a glove.” Hans Werksman, Here Comes the Flood

5 ***** out of 5! “..an exceptional album… wonderfully atmospheric…Corley is your man!” Benny Metten, CtrlAltCountry.BE

“Corley is blessed with a voice which can penetrate deep into your soul…. one of the most beautiful Americana albums of the moment…” Joost Festen, Joost’s Muziek (The Netherlands)

“beautiful debut album…an excellent storyteller” – Eric Campfens, Maxazine, NL

“strangely unique…Corley’s music combines elements from pop, folk, rock, and Americana…This guy’s got a really cool deep voice that almost sounds a bit like Leonard Cohen if he was doing Americana.” babysue

“único y esplendoroso trabajo…Y una voz que permite a David Corley pasear por pasajes que hubieran hecho las delicias de Leonard Cohen, del Tom Waits crepuscular, de cuanta voz que tuviera en la gravedad la arruga del Captain Beefheart y las brasas del bluesmen.” Rio Rojo

“Mooi, overtuigend debuut van een man die al het nodige heeft moeten verstouwen. Muziek die aangrijpt, doorleefd en gevoelig. Intense muziek, teksten die aankomen. Kortom – David Corley is een echte aanwinst in het singer-songwriter circuit. ” Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe

“Corley’s baritone voice is on the corner of Tom Rush Street and Tom Waits Avenue, right off Bluegrass Boulevard and Lou Reed Road.” DJ Buddy Beaverhausen

“Corley opened his hour-long set with “Beyond the Fences,” a track on the album. Anti-fashionista by appearance, he nonetheless looked every bit the rock star with his shaggy hair, wearing a black jacket and blue jeans nicely tailored to his lanky form. Patti Smith, take note.” DJ Buddy Beaverhausen

“David Corley brings forth a voice that is reminiscent of a younger Tom Waits; rough, earthy and filled with subtones. His setting is akin to Neil Young, and the easy beats and strides on acoustic pieces like “Available Light” or gentle rockers with a B3like “Beyond the Fences” are both laid back and slightly unnerving. ” George W. Harris/Jazz Weekly

“The swampy roots sounds on this debut makes me think of the music of Robbie Robertson, but the swamp blues of Tony Joe White is also a meaningful comparison…. emotionally charged…the magic comes from the raw and pensive unique vocals of David Corley..” Erwin Zijleman, De Krenten Uit De Pop (The Netherlands)

“Het denderende Available Light, prijsnummer Easy Mistake, Lean en Unspoken Thing, op het eerste gehoor relaxte songs maar alle drie gezongen met gebalde vuisten in jaszak, maken duidelijk dat Corley vooral ‘his own man’ is.” Martin Overheul, AltcountryForum (Belgium)

“The collaboration [with producer Hugh Christopher Brown] has resulted in one of those discs in which a generous modicum of graceful slop is prevalent, a halo spark of rough and tumble divinity well tarnished from travelling byways but so well cohered that one marvels at it.” Mark S. Tucker, Acoustic Music

“Hearing Lafayette, Indiana David Corley’s debut album Available Light surprised my ears with this great indie-blues rock singer-songwriter who plays guitar, piano and bass on this album. Corley is a well-seasoned lyricist inspired by vivid dreams and classic literature of Joyce, Whitman, Blake and Rilke…His vocals remind me of Nick Cave and Lou Reed. Like a mood ring, each of these songs turns the stone a deeper color….We all need to lean into David Corley’s Available Light.” Trish Lewis, The Review

“a terrific collection of bluesy rock tunes that showcase the Indiana native’s estimable skills as a songwriter and his pleasingly raspy singing voice…a remarkably accomplished song cycle…Here’s hoping Corley doesn’t make us wait too long for the next album.”Jeffrey Sisk, Pittsburgh In Tune

“David Corley has a voice that resembles the dark vocals of Tony Joe White…Whether it be the rippling Available Light or Easy Mistake, Unspoken Thing or Lean (with beautiful piano playing): David keeps it modest and beautiful.” Patrick Struijker Boudier, Blues Magazine (The Netherlands)

“La voce roca dell’autore somiglia a un incrocio tra il baritono melodrammatico di Leonard Cohen e la viscerale impressione rock di Ian McNabb (ma si potrebbero citare anche Tom Waits, Greg Brown, William Topley, persino Captain Beefheart), e si dimostra il miglior veicolo possibile per le ballate ruvide del disco, basato su un campionario di rhytm’n’blues proletari e straccioni come un tempo andava di moda comporre tra i fiumi di liquore dell’Irlanda e le fabbriche automobilistiche della Motor City (ovvero Detroit).” Roots Highway Italy

“a cool CD…strong stuff” Radio host Don Campau, No Pigeonholes

“gritty…deep….What is so impressive about Available Light, it combines age, musical creativity and soul.” Chelsea Lewis/Celebrity Cafe

“David Corley waited for just the right moment to unleash his talents to the world. The new ten-song album begins with the bluesy-folk/rock of the title song “Available Light” as Corley’s voice is warm and humble. His vocal delivery has a rough Warren Zevon quality …and he [will] keep you captivated with his music and lyrics.” JP’s Music Blog

“David Corley heeft zich met zijn debuutalbum “Available Light” dadelijk op muzikale landkaart gezet, met songs die recht naar het hart gaan en een warme, soulvolle bluesy gloed over je heen laten glijden, die enkel de grote artiesten in het genre eigen is. We kijken al benieuwd uit naar de opvolger.” Yvo Zels/Rootstime

“Available Light” – David Corley. If Alexi Murdoch, Tom Waits, and Joseph Arthur all got together and jammed, it might sound something like this gruff yet accessible, vaguely alt-country track.” Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses

Radio Airplay and Features:
WBOI (Indiana)
The Signal, WHRW
WYCE (Michigan)
WEFT (Illinois)
Big Star 97 (Texas)
WZBC (Boston)
Radio Boise KRBX
Trish Lewis’ Eclectic Chair
CKCU (Canada)
CBC (Stu Mills show)
KCLR (Kilkenny, Ireland)
Lord Litter (Germany)
Don Campau (CA)
Tin Can Review (UK)
Bonanza and Son (UK)
BBC Scotland (Iain Anderson Show)
Mike Ritchie on Sunday, Celtic Music Radio (Scotland)
Noel Casey, After Midnight (103.2 Dublin City FM)
Jan Wilhelm Bos’ Delta Rhythm (Netherlands)
Berrie Koetsier Songriver, RTV IJssel-mond 104.1 FM (Netherlands)

For more info, visit David Corley’s official website

Watch David Corley’s first official video, “Easy Mistake” directed by Sean Michael Turrell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb7V1XZHUzU

To interview David Corley and/or to request a review copy of ‘Available Light’ please contact, Bernadette Quigley/QuigleyMedia. email: quigdette@yahoo.com or phone: (917) 414-9765

Europe record label and distribution inquiries:
Bert Pijpers
Continental Record Services
Industrieweg 9
6673 DE Andelst

at his piano in Lafayette, Indiana Photo: Faith Cohen

david corley at his piano in Lafayette, Indiana
Photo: Faith Cohen

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