Hadley McCall Thackston


Hadley McCall Thackston  Cover art: Betsy Eppes

Read the International Raves for Southern folk newcomer Hadley McCall Thackston’s Eponymous Debut Record Produced by Hugh Christopher Brown 

CRS Distributes Thackston’s Record Across Europe!

“A beautiful, stunning debut: like Venus, she emerges fully realized.” Fervor Coulee (Canada)

“Hadley McCall Thackston’s debut album is utterly charming. Excellent songs and great musical arrangements. “Change” is a pretty damn effective plea for social justice. Take note Americana fans, especially if you’re a fan of Jolie Holland or the Be Good Tanyas.”Sam Gazdziak/Country Universe

“exquisite vocals…Thackston’s eponymous debut album [is] one that’s sure to win the hearts of many on first listen.” Alex Gallacher/Folk UK Radio 

“It’s a gorgeous collection of music and a very strong debut.” Martin Bridgeman/KCLR (Ireland)

“a stunning record” James Hodder/Tin Can Review (UK)

“excellent new album” John Godfrey/Radio Troubadour 

“…the beautiful voice of Hadley McCall Thackston is discovered…The Americana world is richer in vocal talent. This album deserves to finish very high in the year lists in December.” Gerri Schinkel, Blues Magazine (Netherlands)  

“The southern belle living in Canada impresses with her debut album. An addictive gem.”  Johan Schoenmakers, Altcountryforum NL

“Her beautifully fragile voice absolutely mirrors the content of her song writing and she possesses the gift of sounding like June Carter on songs like Wallace’s Song (Sage Bush) and Amy Winehouse on Devil Or Angel and No.” Declan Culliton/LonesomeHighway.com

“Hadley McCall Thackston has a special voice and a delicious Southern tongue. It is a voice that is reminiscent of Jolie Holland‘s, but Thackston also has the irresistible (and elusive) voice that Natalie Merchant has. It lifts the debut of the young American high above ground level. It is a debut that overflows with promise, but also a debut that can immediately go with the best records of the moment in the genre.” Erwin Zijleman, DeKrentenuitdepop (Netherlands)