Kimon Kirk

KIMON KIRK Achieves High Artistry with the Atmospheric Altitude

The Big Takeover Exclusively Premieres ALTITUDE!

TWANGVILLE premieres Kimon’s first official video, “Evergreen”!

Altitude Lands International Raves!

“Kirk’s Altitude is a gorgeously contemplative work of art.” The Big Takeover

“a glorious album right out of the top drawer. Everything about it from the songwriting, to the vocals, to the playing and the production is first class. Clearly, Kimon Kirk is a major talent and deserves to be recognised as such.” Fatea Magazine (UK)

“a beautiful album… exceptionally strong pop songs. Blessed as he is with a beautiful, warm, intoxicating voice, it’s actually surprising that Kirk is only just coming out of his shell now, but what an entrance!” Eric Van Domburg Scipio/Heaven Magazine (Netherlands)

Altitude is a tremendous showcase for Kirk’s brand of sophisticated pop. The collection is built around shimmering melodies that are imbued with a sense of longing and melancholy.”   Mayer Danzig/Twangville

“When something this entrancing comes along, don’t overthink it. Just go with the flow. Sublime.”
Jon Worley/Aiding and Abetting

“There is hardly a weak moment on this album, which gifts the listener twelve sparkling and jaunty songs that resonate in the mind long after they have finished. An album that’s so easy to fall in love with.” Lonesome Highway (Ireland)

“Kimon Kirk’s Altitude shines a golden melodic light on the darker corners of the human soul, beguiling the listener onto a higher plane. It’s a combination of penetrating intelligence and unapologetic catchiness that’s rare, but shouldn’t be.”
Jason Warburg/The Daily Vault

“Kirk’s gentle voice is an excellent vehicle to convey his thoughtful lyrics, but it’s really the strong melodies that will hook most listeners…catchy…intelligent..atmospheric… Aimee Mann is credited as cowriter on the gentle, contemplative “Baby Who Knows,” and that’s never a bad thing…There are no missteps on this album…” Bill Kopp/Musoscribe

“harkens back to the soaring arrangements of Brian Wilson and Beck.” Under the Radar Magazine

“dreamy…sensitive…beautifully crafted..sparkling with unbridled pop energy. We approve, definitely.” MUZZART (France)

“magical… a delicate record with harmonic subtleties that never cease to surprise us….A nice discovery!” Elektrik Bamboo (France)

“beautiful… soothing and sweet…An opus that recalls the singers of a bygone era, such as James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, and so on…” Paris-Move

“A soft voice…Wonderful guitars, a perfect shiny sound…Great songs.” Rock & Folk Magazine (France)

“Altitude could have been the lush, melodic record that was playing on the stereo in 1992at the party your friend took you to where you first met the person who would later break your heart into a squillion pieces.” Grammy Award Winner Aimee Mann

“There’s a million favorite things about Kimon to mention, but top of my list is hisway of fusing all things pop, classic rock and folk into his songs and sound. His unique chord changes always amaze me with their subtle ease. Love this record!”
Grammy Award Winner Lori McKenna

“Kimon Kirk can nail longing and regret and an existential shrug all in one lyric.His music makes me restless, makes me want to put down whatever book I’m reading and go out in the world to see what I’m missing and he’s not. I love this album!”
Author/NPR Book Critic Maureen Corrigan

“In a world in which masterful melodic songwriting and rich understated production were king, philosopher-poet Kimon Kirk would rule with a velvet fist. Beautiful symphonic pop in the Wilson-McCartney vein, via Andy Partridge.”
Emmy-nominee Alex Rubens (Key & Peele)


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