Noam Weinstein


ALBUM OF THE WEEK – Rolling Stone Magazine/Germany

“highly intelligent pop songs reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Randy Newman.” Arne Willander, Rolling Stone Germany

Popdose Premieres Weinstein’s “Hey Girl”! Have a listen here.

“an ocean of emotions in fifteen songs…” Lisa Knight, No Depression
“raw, honest, heart-wrenching, hilarious, guileless, incisive, melodious…On Waves is above all real, a deeply genuine and genuinely moving album constructed from some of the sharpest pains and richest joys a human being can feel.” Jason Warburg, The Daily Vault
“an album’s worth of superb snapshots… another chapter in his Great American Songbook.” Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood

On Waves is not a dry exegesis, so don’t think that by checking out the record you’re in for some kind of Hallmark Card of the Damned… Noam Weinstein wears his heart on his sleeve but that doesn’t mean [he’s] being careless about it. On Waves is a terrific expression of that care.” Dw Dunphy, Popdose


“a surprisingly soulful and sometimes heartbreaking take on love, life and whatever comes next.”  Pete Chianca, Wicked Local


“whether you’re soaking in the lyrics or just enjoying the hooks… it’s almost timeless.” Thomas Gerbasi,


“wonderful winding melodies and lyrics that are particularly poignant and genuine… a killer voice… fifteen captivating pop cuts” —LMNOP, babysue

“While listening to “On Waves”, musically, tonally and aesthetically I thought of artists like Jeff Tweety, Leon Russell, Harry Nilsson and John Lennon. Like these artists, Noam Weinstein crafts artful songs with clever word play and pop prose intact but he never strays far from the deeply tender side of things….  a stunner, an absolute stunner.” Robb Donker, American Pancake


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SHORT BIO: A prolific and acclaimed writer, the Boston-born-and-bred Noam Weinstein (no-ahm wyne-styne) has released eight studio albums of his own (receiving airplay on WFUV, WXPN, WERS & more) and had several songs recorded by other artists such as Greta Gertler, Jess Tardy, Mark Whitaker, and Mieka Pauley. He has also collaborated with Heather Masse, Sam Sadigursky, Mike Viola, and Norah Jones, and his song ‘I Can Hurt People’ was featured on the Emmy Award-winning Showtime series Weeds

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