Jeremy Nail – EXCLUSIVE Interview by Cara Gibney

Such a wondrously interesting interview by Cara Gibney with Jeremy Nail….

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Jeremy Nail
EXCLUSIVE Interview by Cara Gibney

“I didn’t know what we were gonna play, but we went into this monstrous version of “My Mountain”. I screamed at the top of my lungs and took the solo into no-man’s-land. It sounds like the speakers are gonna blow.”

Jeremy Nail was answering questions on working with Alejandro Escovedo, the producer of his recently released album My Mountain. Of course, that quote is just an extract, a brief out of context moment in time. Needless to say, there is more to how they worked together, and to the music they produced. There is more to their back story.

Four year ago Jeremy Nail was diagnosed with Sarcoma.
In 2014 his leg was amputated.
In 2016 he released My Mountain produced by Alejandro Escovedo
But there is much more to his story than that.

Nail is based in Austin, TX, and spent his…

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Jeremy Nail. My Mountain

a “sublime” review from music writer Paul Kerr for Jeremy Nail’s ‘My Mountain’ produced by Alejandro Escovedo…..

Blabber 'n' Smoke

The thing about mountains is that, essentially, they’re an obstacle. Something to get around or over, to put behind you. This might entail some endeavour, some work, some guts before it’s finally behind you allowing you to get on with your journey. So it was with Texan Jeremy Nail, a jobbing Austin musician with one album under his belt and an occasional gig playing guitar with Alejandro Escovedo. His mountain was a cancer, a sarcoma that led to a leg amputation in 2013, enough to derail anyone. However, My Mountain, an album that alludes to his struggle on several songs, is evidence that that Nail, in the words of the Dude, abides.

Of course, numerous musicians have overcome tragedy and moved on; Nail the latest in a long line including Robert Wyatt, Chet Baker and Rick Allen. He’s assisted here by another musician whose livelihood and indeed life was…

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An EXCLUSIVE interview with David Corley

Excellent interview with David Corley and the fine Belfast music writer Cara Gibney. …“With everyone’s help, I’ve been trying to quit drinkin’ myself to death and smokin’ like a fiend,” David Corley told me via the transatlantic email conversation we were having. I was asking about his health after the heart attack that had nearly killed him last year.”

The Rocking Magpie

David Corley

‘Lights Out’ for David Corley

An interview with Cara Gibney.
March 2016

“With everyone’s help, I’ve been trying to quit drinkin’ myself to death and smokin’ like a fiend,” David Corley told me via the transatlantic email conversation we were having. I was asking about his health after the heart attack that had nearly killed him last year.

Indiana native David Corley is a late comer to the game. Releasing his first album ‘Available Light’ last year at the age of 53, his deep, smoke-filled half-talk, half-sung voice spans years’ worth of stories and panoramas. He’s roamed his homeland over the decades, soaking in the minutiae of his day to day experience, quietly building a library of songs that he performs, or saves, or steals from. He’s a strange concoction of otherworldly and down to earth. He is the voice of everyman and at the same time he is intrinsically…

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Jeremy Nail – My Mountain

Rave from Rocking Magpie (UK) for Jeremy Nail’s “My Mountain” produced by the “fabulous” Alejandro Escovedo. Please read full review here!

The Rocking Magpie

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Jeremy Nail
My Mountain

Classy Singer-songwriter transcends what we know as Americana.

Hailing from Albany, Texas Jeremy Nail trod the well worn path to Nashville some ten years ago; playing in an assortment of bands and bars; eventually releasing his first album in 2008 to some critical acclaim; but few sales.
His apprenticeship continued until he joined the legendary Alejandro Escovedo’s band in 2013. Later that year a world tour was being booked and life looked great; until Nail was diagnosed with Sarcoma (a rare soft-tissue cancer in his leg) which eventually meant the offending limb had to be amputated.
How the Hell does a young man cope with such a devastating thing? Well; if you are a singer-songwriter; you write songs; and that’s what Jeremy Nail did as therapy.
The end result is this fabulous Alejandro Escovedo produced record.
Even if you didn’t know Nail’s back-story; you would…

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Weinstein’s ‘On Waves’ Rolling Stone Rave!


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Rave for Weinstein’s On Waves in Rolling Stone Magazine, Germany!

Album of the Week!

Music critic Arne Willander for Rolling Stone/Germany raves about Noam Weinstein’s new record On Waves, describing it as “Highly intelligent pop songs reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Randy Newman”.  Please read more and watch Mr. Willander’s concise video review here.


Noam Weinstein feature in The Examiner!


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Boston singer-songwriter Noam Weinstein’s new album On Waves releases on Leap Day, 2016. Weinstein was interviewed by Thomas Gerbasi for the during the stormy months between the devastating loss of the artist’s mother and the arrival of his dear son, On Waves is an ode to the inescapable cycles that spin and shakes us all: birth & death, love & longing, connection & confusion, trauma & healing.  Gerbasi describes On Waves as “timeless and clearly [Weinstein’s] best record.” Please read interview here.

“Selah” by David Corley is Released by Prisoners

Aplscruf's Music, Art, and Literature Blog

pandc21 An anonymous piece of artwork from one of the prisoners at Pittsburgh Institution

David Corley wrote a song and gave it to his friend and producer, Hugh Christopher Brown. Chris took the song to the prisoners that he mentors at Pittsburgh Institution in Canada in a program called Pros and Cons Program.  The result, along with an entire album of other songs, is a powerful reminder of humanity at its finest, regardless of prison walls.

See my No Depression Article below for more information, and take a listen:

Check out Brown’s Tedx Talk for more information regarding the Pros and Cons Program:

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