Tam Lin

 Praise for Tam Lin’s fourth album “Garden in Flames” 

“Tam Lin revolves around beguiling local singer-songwriter Paul Weinfield, whose soft, questing songs suggest nights at home listening to Jeff Buckley and/or falling in love….[a] mellifluous new album.” Time Out New York


“Headed by Brooklyn native Paul Weinfield, Tam Lin evokes the aura of late-60’s acoustic folk, creating songs that are subdued and guarded while allowing hints of vulnerability to shine through. Weinfield is the son of a composer and a poet, blending the two influences into Tam Lin’s fragile love songs on the band’s fourth album, “Garden in Flames.” The album, which was released last fall, covers an array of sounds by its ten multi- instrumentalist musicians, traveling through Weinfield’s heartaches and his battle with cancer.”  Devon Antonetti, The Deli Magazine

“…an intricate maze of Dylanesque lyrics and melodies… a singer/songwriter who is blazing his own path across the Americana/Folk landscape.” Dan Harr, Music News Nashville

LargeHeartedBoy offers Tam Lin’s free legal download.

“…an undeniable talent of Weinfield is clearly visible in his original, compelling melodies, songs, and catchy lyrics. The emotional heart that underlies all songs of Garden In Flames have you already completely in his grip, so no serious music lover should be without this excellent album!” Eric Van Domburg Scipio, Heaven Magazine, The Netherlands

“The fourth full-length release from New York City’s Tam Lin…the musical project spearheaded by singer-songwriter Paul Weinfield. This nine track album was produced by Mario J. McNulty who has produced major artists like David Bowie and Philip Glass in the past. Garden In Flames presents smooth classy melodic soft pop tracks that recall classic artists like Tim Buckley and Leonard Cohen. Weinfield isn’t trying to be artsy or weird on this album. These tracks use traditional instruments to support his intelligently written compositions. There’s a heavy emphasis on lyrics and great care was obviously taken to use just the right mix of instruments in order to give the songs depth instead of burying them in layers of sound. Paul comes across like a genuine kinda guy here…sincere in his thoughts…pensive and reserved with his voice. Folks around New York are probably already digging this guy in a big way in the underground clubs. With the release of this album his popularity will continue to expand to other cities and states. Nine smart songs here including “Field of Reeds,” “Lionheart,” “Waiting To Touch the Ground,” and “Money.” babysue

“Paul Weinfield, the man behind Tam Lin, is nobody’s follower. He proves that on “Garden in Flames,” his fourth album that’s full of horns, strings harmonies and more loveliness that puts one in mind of a sonic prism. The nine songs on this album are steeped in melodic folk with more than a dash of new age reminiscent of Andreas Vollenweider. Just like Fairport Convention, Tam Lin seems unafraid to push musical boundaries.” Nancy Dunham, No Depression

“This is one wonderful album….” Noel Casey, ‘After Midnight’ — Dublin City FM

For more information, please visit the following websites:
Free download of Garden in Flames: http://tamlin.bandcamp.com/
Official Website: http://www.tamlinmusic.com

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