The Stephen Stanley Band

The Stephen Stanley Band’s Jimmy & The Moon, Produced by Hugh Christopher Brown


Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Stephen Stanley is best known from his many years as a lead guitarist/vocalist with the vibrant alternative rock band The Lowest of the Low. After many song hits, years of touring and sharing the stage with the likes of Billy Bragg, Bob Mould, The Violent Femmes, The Jayhawks and Lloyd Cole, a gold record for their “genuinely timeless album” (Exclaim!) Shakespeare My Butt, Stanley is back on the Canadian music scene with a new band, The Stephen Stanley Band, and a new record Jimmy & The Moon, produced by Hugh Christopher Brown.

Raves from Canada to the US to the Netherlands & UK:

“The jangly, hooky roots rock of the Stephen Stanley Band’s first album, Jimmy & The Moon, will sound familiar to fans of Lowest of the Low, who for decades have heard Stanley’s guitar motifs embellishing the band’s classic songs.” Now Toronto Please read this excellent feature here.

“The songs are big and bold, unafraid, unashamed to flaunt their heritage… Stanley’s voice being not a thing of beauty but a workman’s tool skilfully used to create just the right effect.” Americana UK

“The album had me hooked from beginning to end.” Canadian Beats

“Jimmy & The Moon is a blast of Americana that mixes just enough rock to keep listeners invigorated without detraction…a terrific band…” Fervor Coulee

“..a haunting and memorable musical document.” Spill Magazine

Video Premiere on EXCLAIM! Watch here.

“Jimmy And The Moon is a showcase for Stephen Stanley’s rough-edged yet high-browed roots-rock, a heady mixture of barroom philosophizing and gritty romanticism. Nostalgia has rarely sounded so important, or so real.” Jason Warburg/ The Daily Vault

“Back in the early ‘90s, Lowest Of The Low seemed far ahead of their time in terms of adding true song craftsmanship to a post-punk template. Now with Jimmy & The Moon, the Stephen Stanley Band fully embodies that approach, while adding to the legacy of his past accomplishments.” Jason Schneider/FYI Music News

“The power of Jimmy & The Moon lies in the fact that while it’s imbued in Canadiana, it doesn’t allow itself to be limited by it. The musicianship is grand and superior… Warm, pure nationalistic sincerity with worldly swagger. Albums like this one make me proud to be Canadian.” No Sleep Til Sudbury

“an engaging brand of rock for grown-ups, awash with E Street flourishes and head-bobbing harmonies. That’s not to say it’s generic: Just the opposite, it’s a refreshing blend of Tom Petty-like sardonic storytelling (“The Troubadour’s Song”), cheerful absurdity (“Birthday Clown”), and, especially on the lilting title track, a certain theatricality that places you squarely in his offbeat world. It’s a place you definitely want to be.” Pete Chianca, Wicked Local

“Jimmy & the Moon is a worthy addition to the stack of albums marked “road trip music”. Upbeat, funny, sad and with enough layers and lyrical twists to press repeat. Hans Werksman/Here Comes the Flood (Netherlands)

“A great CD. Good songs, meaningful lyrics and excellent performance.” Eric Campfens/BarnOwlBlues (The Netherlands)