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Laurie Gallardo/ KUTX has some excellent words re: The Sideshow Tragedy’s new record ‘The View From Nowhere’ produced by Kenny Siegal at Old Soul Studios. Read full post here

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Austin360 On The Record: Greyhounds, Wood & Wire, Josh T. Pearson, more


Excellent review from Peter Blackstock/Austin 360 for The Sideshow Tragedy’s new record, The View From Nowhere!

Austin Music Source


Greyhounds, “Cheyenne Valley Drive.” Keyboardist Anthony Farrell and guitarist Anthony Trube were well-suited to their roles in Florida swamp-rocker JJ Grey’s band Mofro, but they were also too talented as songwriters to remain side players. It’s Austin’s gain, then, that they’ve focused on their band the Greyhounds in the past couple of years. “Cheyenne Valley Drive” builds on the promise of 2016’s “Change of Pace” and 2014’s “Accelerator,” bearing the fruit of informal weekly Wednesday jams at C-Boy’s as Trube, Farrell & Snizz. Sweet and soulful sway is the Greyhounds’ bread-and-butter, but their golden touch is Farrell’s singing. On tracks such as the tone-setting opener “Learning How to Love” and the instantly infectious “All We Are,” the richness of his voice permeates the grooves like 100 percent humidity, dripping with passion and personality. Release show April 13 at Continental Club. Here’s the track “No Other Woman”:


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Fervor Coulee’s Favourite Roots Albums of 2016

Fervor Coulee’s fave 2016 roots albums: “3.Jenny Whiteley- The Original Jenny Whiteley On this recording, Whiteley satisfies a desire to more fully explore the music that provided the foundation for her development—old-time folk sounds that have existed and thrived for generations. A recognition of her rich and diverse Americana/Canadiana upbringing within the venerable Whiteley clan, this fifth recording is a rootsy masterpiece. In a lesser artist’s hands such a multi-dimensional homage might sound disjointed; The Original Jenny Whiteley is united in its eccentric melding of the rich traditional and roots tapestry—folk, jugband, bluegrass, early jazz and ragtime, Francophone, Dylan, and the blues.” Fervor Coulee

Fervor Coulee- roots music opinion

At the end of each year, writers and broadcasters get to indulge themselves and—one hopes—their readers and listeners with their judgements on the year past.

I’ve spent substantial time reviewing the roots/Americana/whatever you want to call them, if they are on the No Depression list I might have considered them, and even if they aren’t I still may have albums I heard during the past year, and have come up with my definitive (at least for today) list of Favourite Roots Albums of 2016. Of course, your kilometreage will vary: I once received a cranky email from the father of a fairly prominent bluegrasser whose album I didn’t include on such a list several years ago. For those such inclined, I repeat—these are my favorite roots albums of the year. Not the best, ’cause that is silly. And all I can base it on is those albums I’ve heard, and…

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The Original Jenny Whiteley review

“a rootsy masterpiece” Fervor Coulee

Fervor Coulee- roots music opinion


Jenny Whiteley The Original Jenny Whiteley Black Hen Music

I first encountered Ontario’s Jenny Whiteley as a member of Heartbreak Hill, a bluegrass band featuring Dottie Cormier, Christopher Quinn, Victor Bateman, and Danny Whiteley. I don’t recall too much about their performance at that Blueberry Bluegrass fest appearance outside the impact of a single Whiteley song: “John Tyrone” remains one of the finest bluegrass songs that have come out of Canada, and from the first time I heard the song I knew Whiteley was someone I wanted to learn more about.

I didn’t get the opportunity at the time, but months later Whiteley found me at Wintergrass and offered me a copy of her debut self-titled album. That independently released disc displayed Whiteley’s remarkable ability for creating characters within a few well-crafted lines, and earned comparison to Emmylou Harris’ recent Red Dirt Girl. Whiteley was revealed as a major talent…

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EXCLUSIVE Jeremy Nail -New Frontier (Video)

The Rocking Magpie

jeremy nail 2

When I was a lad John Peel and Alan Freeman on the radio plus the now legendary Old Grey Whistle Test were the only places to see and hear ‘new music,’ but 40 years on the Internet has the facility to bring like minded people together in a way my younger self could never imagine (even Captain Kirk didn’t have Skype!).
Earlier this year my friend and Rocking Magpie corespondent, Cara Gibney who lives in Northern Ireland linked me to her friend Bernadette who lives in that New York City but loves and promotes Canadian Roots music, who subsequently sent me loads of amazing music…..including Jeremy Nail.
His album review is still in our Top 20


and Cara’s interview with the young Singer-Songwriter is Top 3 in that particular genre;


so it’s with great excitement Bernadette and Jeremy have graciously allowed us to EXCLUSIVELY present this wonderful live performance of…

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Austin360 Artist of the Month check-in: Jeremy Nail’s first album


Austin Music Source

Our Austin360 Artist of the Month feature story on Jeremy Nail two weeks ago — along with the video above, shot in our American-Statesman studio — focused on Nail’s new album “The Mountain,” and the journey Nail faced in making the record happen.

Jeremy Nail's "Letter," released in 2007. Jeremy Nail’s “Letter,” released in 2007.

It’s an inspirational story and an excellent record, but it wasn’t Nail’s first release. In our interview, Nail seemed to downplay his 2007 debut “Letter.” It’s common for artists to seek out new horizons as they get older, and sometimes they look back at their earlier work as underdeveloped.

Listening back to “Letter” almost a decade after it came out, though, I was struck by just how good of a song-based rock/pop album it is. While it’s true that Nail’s shift toward acoustic-focused Americana on “My Mountain” drew him to an even closer focus on his writing, there’s an immediacy and…

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Austin360 Artist of the Month check-in: Jeremy Nail record release show


Austin 360’s Artist of the Month is JEREMY NAIL!

Austin Music Source

We caught our Austin360 Artist of the Month for May, Jeremy Nail, last weekend at Strange Brew as he celebrated the release of his new album “My Mountain” with a backing band that featured some of Austin’s most accomplished Americana instrumentalists.

Nail’s set comprised the entire record, in a different song sequence. Our Statesman video above combines abbreviated clips of the tracks “Heroes,” “My Mountain,” “Tell Me What Else You Got,” “Dreams” and “Survive.” The album, Nail told the crowd, “is about resilience. And we’re all resilient, no matter what hand we’re dealt.”

Joining him were violinist Eleanor Whitmore and guitarist Chris Masterson (members of  Steve Earle’s band who also tour themselves as the Mastersons), plus drummer Chris Searles and bassist Bobby Daniel. They also backed Nail recently on a live version of “Survive” recorded in our Statesman studio.

Record release show for "My Mountain" at Strange Brew, May 6, 2016: (from left) Eleanor Whitmore, Chris Masterson, Jeremy Nail, Chris Searles, Bobby Daniel. Photo by Peter Blackstock Record release show for “My Mountain” at Strange Brew…

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All Music Guide Premieres Jeremy Nail’s New Record


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Nail’s ‘My Mountain’ Exclusively Premieres at All Music Guide!

Texas singer-songwriter Jeremy Nail‘s new record My Mountain (release date: May 3, 2016) is having an exclusive first listen at All Music Guide. Chris Steffen writes: “Produced by Alejandro Escovedo, Austin-based roots musician Jeremy Nail delivers My Mountain, an album based on themes of struggle and perseverance. Nail goes beyond the standard “troubadour with an acoustic guitar” dynamic, adding layers of strings, peals of distorted guitar and haunting backing vocals to create a thicker, yet appropriately vulnerable sound.”

Please have a listen at All Music Guide.


cover art for Jeremy Nail’s ‘My Mountain’: art design by Daniel Murphy and photos by George Harvick II.

The rave reviews are flying in:

“Nail’s sound is superbly profound, dancing along the lines of Ryan Bingham and a Stetson-clad Beck.” Elmore Magazine

“dazzling…a gorgeous declaration of defiance…Graced with exceptional songwriting, production, arrangements and performances, My Mountain is a triumph…Rating: A” Jason Warburg/The Daily Vault

“… glorious..wrenching yet optimistic.. will simply put a swell in your chest …touches on many levels…The beautifully told stories of struggle, perseverance, gratitude and hope on My Mountain leave you in a reflectful mindset; thinking not only about Nail’s journey, but also reexamining your own.” Tara Joan/The Daily Country & No Depression

“Even if you didn’t know Nail’s back-story; you would quickly realise that the opening and title track, My Mountain is no ordinary song at all. Nail’s distinctive drawl takes you on a journey that touches on the dark days of his illness and the fire in his stomach that got him through some very tough days indeed….Wow!…we’ve discovered another gem of a songwriter and indeed, singer in Jeremy Nail..The end result is this fabulous Alejandro Escovedo produced record.” Rocking Magpie (UK)

Jeremy discusses his collaboration with Alejandro Escovedo, the meanings of some of his lyrics and much more in this rockin’ interview with Cara Gibney/Rocking Magpie.

“a powerful, intimate beautiful record” Patrick Struijker Boudier/Blues Magazine (The Netherlands)

“Strong soulful vocals, beautiful Americana and beautiful songs…an exceptional songwriter…The album is a celebration of life.” Richard Wagenaar/ The Next Gig (Netherlands)

“Escovedo’s production is masterful, creating an ambience that recalls the work of Daniel Lanois. The album opens with the gutsy title song, ponderous bass and drums and jagged acoustic guitar leading into sweet female harmonies and sinewy slide guitar, a wonderful slice of swampy rock…My Mountain is a sublime listen. A late night wallow in warm guitars and intoxicating rhythms bathed in pathos.” Paul Kerr/Blabber’n’Smoke (UK)

“eleven alt-country/Americana gems set in solid gold” Lisa Knight/No Depression & Aplscruf’s Music Blog

“My Mountain is the story of man who had to find a new way to stand tall….With superb slide guitar and melancholic violin supplied by his friends covering his back, he is not alone.” Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood

Jeremy Nail photo by stevan.alcala_JN8

Jeremy Nail Photo: (c) 2016 Stevan Alcala

Jeremy Nail – EXCLUSIVE Interview by Cara Gibney

Such a wondrously interesting interview by Cara Gibney with Jeremy Nail….

The Rocking Magpie

jeremy nail 12

Jeremy Nail
EXCLUSIVE Interview by Cara Gibney

“I didn’t know what we were gonna play, but we went into this monstrous version of “My Mountain”. I screamed at the top of my lungs and took the solo into no-man’s-land. It sounds like the speakers are gonna blow.”

Jeremy Nail was answering questions on working with Alejandro Escovedo, the producer of his recently released album My Mountain. Of course, that quote is just an extract, a brief out of context moment in time. Needless to say, there is more to how they worked together, and to the music they produced. There is more to their back story.

Four year ago Jeremy Nail was diagnosed with Sarcoma.
In 2014 his leg was amputated.
In 2016 he released My Mountain produced by Alejandro Escovedo
But there is much more to his story than that.

Nail is based in Austin, TX, and spent his…

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